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Our Clients Success 

We are very pleased to be part of our clients' success stories. Here are some examples of the project's successes that have undergone engineering development at Projects House LLC

D-Dart Blaster toy logo

D-DART is a bestselling new toy blaster that is taking the world by storm.

With D-DART you can shoot like a real terminator! Shoot in full auto mode by holding down the trigger.


Sold in:
Target, Amazon, Walmart

Over $1.5M USD

D-DART story

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mi fold.png

Raised in crowdfunding:
Over $3.5M USD

Over $10M USD

mi fold logo.png

mifold is the world’s most compact backless booster, it even fits into a child’s backpack, glove box or parent’s handbag, making it perfect for carpooling, ride sharing, travel and much more.

Designed for kids, aged 4 and up, 40 to 100 lbs, and 40 to 59 inches tall. mifold ensures optimal seat belt fit by pulling down the adult seat belt to fit the child safely and securely.


MIFOLD story

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Grabo-logo-412 copy.png

GRABO is a firm that thrives on the unexpected! Initially focused on amphibious tools for use in harsh environments, GRABO’s systems are flexible, reliable, and always innovative. GRABO tools are meticulously designed to support your lifting and moving demands.
GRABO branded technology strives to make heavy lifting easy. We’re actively disrupting the international handheld vacuum suction cup industry with each innovation. Top line electric suction cup tools from GRABO are changing the way people lift and move. We know this is a positive change, no matter where our customers are based in the world.


Sold in:

Over $5M USD

GRABO story

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