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Engineering and development From an idea to a final PRODUCT

Full engineering service including 3D modeling and design, industrial design, prototype assembly and mass production 

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STAGE 0: meeting


FREE consultation and brainstorming

STAGE 1: product development


Product design and mechanical engineering 


App development


Electrical engineering and PCB design


Embedded software development



STAGE 2: extra services


Copyright + patent






Marketing - eCommerce


About us

Projects House is a unique engineering firm, managed by engineers with rich experience in product development, focusing on early stages (which are the most critical and important phases in the project) by working in close communication with our clients (inventors, entrepreneurs and start-ups at the concept stage).
The firm employs about 5 experienced engineers, 3 draftsmen and industrial development and design planners.
The company is engaged in providing patentable product development services, preparing product portfolios and building prototypes of new concepts. We work mainly with entrepreneurs and inventors, but also with commercial companies, start-ups and defense industries. The uniqueness of Projects House is in the professional approach to product development, fast product development at low costs, while adhering to high standard design rules but at the same time maintaining prices that affordable for a private entrepreneur or a small startup companies.

Office services

1. Engineering development by mechanical engineers

2. Product design by senior designers in the company

3. Simulations and strength calculations, liquid / air flow, heat transfer in SolidWorks and COMSOL

4. Development of electronics and PCB board including GERBER files and schematic design by electrical engineers

5. Development of embedded software and logic on a wide range of microcontrollers (Atmel, SAM, Microchip, Delta PLC)

6. Development of complementary software for PC in a Matlab work environment

7. Development of an image recognition and voice recognition algorithm

8. Development of deep learning (Deep / Machine Learning) systems in the work environment of Matlab and Tensorflow

9. Development of final android / iOS applications and initial simulations (interactive simulations) in a work environment of inVision or Adobe XD

10. Building a website and complementary graphics design for the product

11. Production of a promotional video for the product.

12. Preparation of patent drawings and registration in collaboration with selected patent law firms

13. Production of small series and prototypes

14. Mass production in collaboration with selected factories in the Far East

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