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Industrial design - new product design processes by an industrial designer

Are you at the beginning of the process towards realizing a revolutionary idea into a new product? You are probably aware of the need to turn now to a freelance industrial designer or alternatively to a company that specializes in industrial design and turning an idea into a product. Here we would like to emphasize the great importance of preparing in advance before meeting with the designer or company and continuing to work with the same body you have chosen to work with as part of the project. A proper and quality process will help not only you but also the designers to achieve the desired common goals, an attractive product to customer satisfaction.

New product design

In the first stage of the meeting with the industrial designer you will need to present a detailed overview of the product you want to develop required for the design. A professional designer will ask you to present the full relevant data in order to ensure the correct design of the product later on. The questions that need to be asked at this point are: What problems does the product need to solve and what does it do, who is the target audience of the product - the designer can best adapt the product design to the target audience through segmenting the target market of the product, what the future product costs to the consumer Required for the production of the product, what are its raw materials, what are the estimated production costs for the product and what are the marketing methods.

Preliminary inquiries with the industrial designer

You will probably not be able to answer all of these questions at the initial stage, but it is likely that you already have an answer for a significant number of these questions. An industrial designer will guide you through presenting the estimated cost according to the type of technology required and the design lines accepted for the product according to the target audience. As part of the product review, your personal requirements as customers will be discussed and at the same time the designer will find out a few more points in front of you beyond your personal requirements. As mentioned, the designer will try to find out with you what the market is for the product, what are the characteristics of the technology for producing the product if it has been defined by you in advance.

Industrial design costs for a new product

Industrial design for a new product requires quite a bit of investment, however if the process is done in a quality and professional manner the size of the risks becomes relatively controlled and the chances of getting a high return for the initial investment increase significantly. The scope of work and the complexity of the product actually dictate the costs of research, development and design services that can range from a large range of prices as a result. Gizmo will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote regarding the work steps required as part of your project and after an introductory meeting in which your product and requirements will be thoroughly examined.

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