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We are here to turn ideas into successful products!


At the beginning of our journey as young engineers and inventors, we assumed that any creative person with a good idea could achieve commercial success.

Over the years we have discovered that the development process from idea to product is not that simple and sometimes inventors with great ideas, fail to turn them into a financial success.


We have learned from experience that there are many steps that affect an entrepreneur's chances of success: quality engineering, proper design, ability to raise the necessary funding, market research, finding the first customers, strategic partnerships, production solutions and building a marketing and distribution marketing strategy. Many times in our careers, we have been exposed to excellent ideas with huge commercial potential, which remained in the inventor's mind and did not come to fruition, due to deficiencies in one of these stages.



We set up the company with the goal of giving an "end-to-end solution" to inventors with good ideas.

We are the "micros", the "performers" with the engineering capabilities. Capabilities of making, developing, designing, producing and penetrating the market.

We brought dozens of projects to commercial success and went through the process from idea to product time after time.



The services we have developed at Gizmo-Maker are designed to bring inventors with a good idea to commercial success in the most effective way.


How It Works?


You can always call the office or make an initial appointment without obligation.

We will be happy to talk and advise as much as we can, and if the project seems suitable for our capabilities, we will offer our services in the following areas:


1- Market research, engineering research, intellectual property examination and opinions on engineering feasibility and commercial potential.

2- Development of concepts in a computerized way, building preliminary models in three dimensions, engineering design and preliminary designs.

3- Detailed design, product portfolio, drawings for production and BOM for production.

4- Building a functional prototype, testing and supporting the process and proper validation and various approvals.

5- Helping investors, preparing the material and relevant links if possible.

6- Accompanying the mass production process. (We operate a branch in Shenzhen China with a full-time Chinese staff and Israeli management.)


Our basket of services is flexible and tailored to the project requirements and the customer's wishes.


Sometimes we provide advanced engineering design services for existing companies, sometimes we perform only initial research work or preparation of material for support in the initial recruitment phase, and other times we provide full end services and complete accompaniment from concept to production and sale.

We examine each case on its own merits and treat each project as a start-up, with unique needs and changing requirements.

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