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A quality prototype may convince investors to believe in a patent and invest the best of their money in it. There is no doubt good eyesight: Gizmo devotes a lot of resources in order to create a meticulous and high-quality prototype in order to make it easier for customers to present it to investors and thus increase the chances of convincing them of the viability of the investment.

The company's engineers, industrial designers and dedicated product developers come together to carry out all planning and development processes and converge to create a prototype of siege and / or packaging.

Through a structured and elaborate set of product design, engineering design, equipment and advanced technological methods, attention and investment efforts in product design and preparation for production, Gizmo is at the forefront of patent manufacturers.

Excite investors:

Every investor carefully and carefully examines - those at seven and those at seventy-seven eyes - the feasibility of the patent. When presented to investors a prototype, designed and created by the best professionals, including mechanical engineers, electronics engineer, industrial designer and dedicated development people in various fields such as: products and patents in medicine, agriculture, communications, electronics, industry, communications, environment in general and energy Yuka in particular and more.

When the involvement of the company's engineers and other "combat supporters" in it, entrusted with developing patents and turning them into products, in all the processes in which prototype development is the stage before obtaining approval for serial production - the patent initiators, who order the work from the company To the potential investors in it in very advanced stages of its formation and design.

With feet on the ground:

Our role, at Gizmo, is not to cut off the dreamers' wings of the patent application dream, which they think in their fevered creative minds, but to bring the dreamers to the ground, and allow the patent to be enforced, from the drawing table and computer programmer to the market

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