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Prototype - building a prototype for a new product and developing a prototype for an invention

New product development includes several processes, one of the main ones is the construction of a first prototype for a product in order to examine its actual function, make appropriate standards, make decisions regarding product design and planning and confirm the product's readiness for mass production. In other words, a prototype serves as a kind of vision for the practicality and technological feasibility of the product and is used for the purposes of presenting the product to potential buyers, investors or partners.

Prototype production for new products

The type of product or technology, including the degree of investment of the developer in the project, are the ones that dictate the nature of the development of new products, patents and technologies. In some cases, developers use workshops, freelance engineers or artists to build the initial model, while sometimes it is necessary to work in collaboration with several engineering companies and long and complex research and development work. In general, a similar methodology exists in a wide range of development processes. Defining the need for a product or the problem it needs to solve is the most basic step in the development process.

Key steps

At this point it is important to consider the size of the product, its weight, costs and the level of comfort requested. Some of the above basic requirements may change after an initial development round. The place where "creative engineering" can be incorporated into the process is in the initial content phase where the engineer offers a variety of solutions, concept ideas and different design options. Efficiency, mechanical and electronic components, etc. The idea will be implemented by the engineers after an optimal engineering solution has been selected in accordance with the data that emerged in the content phase.

Build a prototype of a new product

In the final stage of development we approach the construction of a prototype or several prototypes depending on the selected content. It is possible that the first prototypes will succeed in passing the full range of tests required, while in some cases it is necessary to make modifications to individual content even after the construction of the initial prototype has been completed. Only when the prototype construction phase is completed with the help of the engineering company, can the product be destined for series production and various market tests.

Prototype construction costs

Prototype construction costs vary between the different companies that specialize in this issue and depend directly on the type of prototype that the customer is interested in producing. For example, a complex prototype with a number of sophisticated and advanced mechanisms will cost more than a simple prototype. The design also affects the costs and the final quote that will be given to you by the company. As in any other field, it is important to take into account that building an initial quality model will naturally involve higher payments.

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