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Business development for an innovative product, patent or idea

Every day big ideas are spread around the world, however few of them do manage to reach the realization stage. You have decided to start a startup but in truth you have no financing option on the horizon? You will probably need to start raising funds. So how do you actually do that? All this and more in the article before you. First of all, it should be understood that fundraising is a broad field and the criteria in it are flexible and vary according to the venture and its type, including its target market. Potential investors examine a number of different aspects, including the team's commitment to the idea, the entrepreneur's commitment to the idea and its readiness for a large-scale investment in the project, selection of business partners and many other data.

Business collaborations in new product development

The business world in the age of modern globalization includes several important growth engines, one of which is identified with business development and collaborations. Business development refers to virtually all the actions that the organization performs in order to increase the scope of its activities and profits in the future. Business development, as its name implies, is designed to develop the organization's businesses in the future beyond its current and current activities. Business development activities may come in the form of developing new or complementary products, acquiring companies, developing new markets, collaborating and leveraging existing benefits in the organization for business development and expansion.

New product development strategy

Collaborations between two such business parties can sometimes be made for the purposes of developing new and / or complementary products. This type of collaboration involves two business parties, each of which has its own products, and their joining together is intended for the development of a new product that integrates the existing products. Take for example Strauss and Oil Industries, the former engaged in the production and marketing of dairy products and the latter in the manufacture of soy products. These two have announced a collaboration for the production purposes of a series of soy yogurt products.

Intellectual Property Strategy and Patents

Today there are international databases for patent registrations and smart search engines through which patents can be scanned and extracted from ambiguous information according to defined keywords. This process may be backed up by information from inanimate or human sources, when at the end of the day it is a plan of action, proper guidance, consistency, focus, experience and professionalism. In order to obtain broad information that by cross-referencing and analyzing it will be possible to arrive at a broad picture that includes all the requested topics, it is important to combine a proper search of patent registrations alongside operating a collection network against inanimate and human sources.

In the global market there is high competition and therefore every company must be aware of the valuable value that the technological information they have, which like the development strategy also may be exposed to competitors as a result of reviewing the patent registrations.

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