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Electronics Development - Developing ideas for electronics and building prototypes


Development of electronics and electro-mechanical products

We are involved in the development of various types of electronic products, and specialize in managing all stages of product development, from defining the requirements and characterizing the product, through the various concepts, designing a printed circuit, choosing production methods and building a prototype.

We were recently pleased to have our development team have two electronics engineers who specialize in the design and development of printed components, circuits, programmed controllers and the integration of various electronics components.


The process of developing electronics usually involves several main steps:

1- Product characterization, definition requirements and writing a SOW document (statment of work).

2- Research and review of available off-the-shelf components, which can be used for the electronic development needs of the product, or savings in the development costs of various electronic components in the product.

3- PCB or printed circuit design by using software design and conversion software to a dedicated printed circuit.

4- Ordering off-the-shelf components, controllers and other standard components, PCB manufacturing and electronic components that are not standard off-the-shelf components.

5- Assembling a prototype and testing the functionality of the electronic system.


We emphasize the definition of orderly requirements and thorough research work, and believe that when it comes to patents and products in the field of electronics, there is no substitute for orderly, documented and comprehensive work and definition of requirements that matches the available production technology and components on the market at any given time.

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