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3D printing - production of models and parts in 3D printing

Production of plastic models and prototypes in three-dimensional printing

3D printing is an advanced technology for the production of prototypes, models and models.

There are dozens of three-dimensional printing machines of different types, designed for production in different types of materials, a variety of colors and resolutions.

We have in our offices an advanced three-dimensional printing machine, an FDM type for printing hard and strong plastic parts, an object machine for printing ultra-precise parts or silicone and rubber parts, and other advanced machines.

The advanced technologies in the factory allow us to provide our customers with a prototype construction service at zero prices, as part of the engineering development process of the product. With the help of advanced equipment we can produce models of the product even before the end of the development process, and check how different parts of the product function, look and feel.

Among other things, we use our 3D printing machines for:

- Preparation of packaging boxes for electronic components that we develop.

Functional test of "snaps" and flexible parts.

- Testing for astringency, friction and mechanical function of components in the system

And more.

The parts are printed in hard ABS plastic, and have the same properties as "final" parts produced in mass-produced injection molds.


How It Works?


3D printing is a manufacturing method that allows the developer or patent developer to obtain a finished model of a patent in the development stages, and sometimes also a functional, mechanical prototype.

In order to produce the part, we must send a three-dimensional file of the requested part in STL or Solid Works format - three-dimensional files that can be produced by industrial designers and mechanical engineers.

If you do not have a file of this type, you can also send us a manual drawing (even a drawing and sketches from a patent application) and we will build a 3D file suitable for production for you.

Production prices in this method depend on the volume of plastic required to produce the part. Small-volume parts will be cheaper, but larger-volume parts will be more expensive accordingly.

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