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From idea to product - how an idea in the head of the entrepreneur becomes a successful product on the shelf

There is a lot of competition in the world of entrepreneurship and patents. The expansion of technological possibilities in parallel with the growing demand of consumers has meant that even when a successful idea for a product has been used, there is still a need to polish it and manage the process of turning it from an idea into a real product at a particularly high level of professionalism.

Maintaining professionalism throughout the process

What sets Gizmo apart is the professional approach taken by the firm as part of a patent development procedure from the early stages of the concept to its implementation as an actual product. At Gizmo, you can enjoy relatively fast and cheap work by adhering to the accepted content rules and at the same time maintaining fair prices in accordance with the personal and changing needs of the private entrepreneur. The following lines provide detailed information about the main steps in patent development. Analysis and characterization is the first step and includes an in-depth examination of market conditions, target audience, competing products including advantages and disadvantages.

Concept development and planning for details

In the second stage, a number of possible development options must be created as a derivative of all the information collected in the first stage. It is possible that at this stage several forms will emerge to realize the different idea from each other in materials, design, user interface, technology and more .. To re-examine the disadvantages and advantages of each such development option one must create a preliminary example for each. After selecting a suitable concept for development, detailed and accurate engineering design for the product must be performed by focusing on the design aspect, the user interface, the technology, the materials, the size, and the mechanics.

Building a prototype

In order to make the product as tangible as possible depending on how it comes out of the production line, a prototype must be built. Gizmo-Maker performs several internal tests for each prototype produced by it and delivers it to the customer only after these thorough tests. To enable the customer to enjoy discounted prices, the company operates in-house production machines in an advanced model laboratory, an FDM 3D printing machine and machining machines and soldering equipment and PCB testing. Unlike other companies that use the services of subcontractors, Gizmo Micro uses its internal equipment and thus allows customers to enjoy discounted costs for the construction of a prototype.


The last stage is the production stage, which first includes building product molds, preparing and adapting the production line to the product construction stages. For this purpose, a production file must be built that includes three-dimensional files of the final product, the product drawing and its parts, including production instructions, a specification with all the parts that make up the product - BOM and the order in which the product parts must be assembled until a finished product is received. Gizmo adheres to an orderly methodology as part of product development that includes several key content stages until a final prototype is built and a product portfolio is prepared. The company provides guidance and support throughout all production processes and in working with factories in China, Israel and in any area that is found suitable for the production of product parts.

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