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Startup of an invention product or a new patent - establishing a company and promoting the venture

One of the most important and central tasks among people who have conceived an idea, established a company and actually live in a dream of the so-called “start-up country”, is to protect the intangible assets at the base of the venture. You have decided to implement your idea, concept or technology by establishing a start-up company for the development and marketing of the new product or service based on the same brilliant idea or technology that you have developed. In the following lines are some important highlights that will help you succeed in the journey in the complex world of spiritual shopping.

Founders Agreement

The first emphasis is on the founders' agreement, which initially regulates the relationship between the founders of the start-up company and the company. It is very important to make sure that the company's area of ​​practice is defined in the clearest and most detailed way and to include the clause in which the intellectual property relevant to that company is transferred by the founders. In addition, care must be taken to include in the agreement the clauses that are intended to properly define the restrictions that apply to the founder and his ability to compete with the company in situations in which his activity in the company will cease.

The importance of the first partners:

Sometimes many ventures are discontinued only due to conflicts between the partners in the company and the start-up that are considered to be particularly common in this competitive world. The relationship between the founders, beyond that, can be one of the most important in their lives. As a result and despite the fact that the resources of start-ups and companies in general are usually scarce in the initial founding stages, in most cases it is highly recommended to invest even a small portion of those resources in order to address the various issues in preparing and editing a proper and orderly founding agreement.

Cake distribution:

When you start a startup, you have a small cake, but it is one hundred percent of the cake or a small cake the size of a pocket. Receiving investment from outside sources and the growth of the company leads to a decrease of a few percent of your relative share of the cake, but there is an increase in the size of the cake, which actually makes the part of the cake you have larger than the 100 percent of the cake you had at the beginning.

Take for example the decision of Google in which it went public on the stock exchange, owned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, so the slice was 15 percent of the cake, but it is a slice that is part of a cake of enormous dimensions so its quantitative value increased significantly. The company.

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